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Responsive CSS Fixes WordPress


I've got everything else correct except for the header area of [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

I have mainly optimized for 1139, 1023, 768, 480 but there are tweaks to the header area that I'm having issues working out right. My problems are with the 1023, 768, and 480.

In 1024 (1023), the top 728x90 banner is suppose to be centered (removing the top right widget - display:none), and then under that, the logo on the left, and the menu to the right.

In 768, the top 728x90 banner is also suppose to be centered (removing the top right widget - display:none), then the logo is suppose to be centered, and then under the logo is the menu... also centered

In 480, the logo is suppose to be centered and then the menu is suppose to be under that, also centered.

It would be great to add a 320 media query and a 240 with the same things as the 480.... so I've put this prize to $20. I've done a lot of the other work already... these are the only tweaks I need that seem to be giving me the most issues.

Attached are the screenshots of what each are suppose to be in each browser. Let me know if you need to work directly with it.

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Espreson Media answers:

I will do it...
PM back..

Nile Flores comments:


Nile Flores comments:

I'm a little worried as I received an email with an image back, rather than the fix applied. Attached with the question are the screenshots that were the ones needing optimized for.


zebra webdesigns answers:

Hello Nile

Did you got the help or still you need someone to fix.

Nile Flores comments:

Sarbartha said he was still working on this. If that changes, I'll reply again. :)

Nile Flores comments:

Frankly, I was hoping it would be done in an hour... but everyone does CSS at different

zebra webdesigns comments:

Hello Nile, PM me if my help is needed.

Nile Flores comments:


zebra webdesigns comments:

Fixed the navigation for 480px, the css before added was not in proper way, can you please give further feedback to proceed. do you want the top ad banner to be responsive.
at this moment , I am correcting few more breaks which occurs on resize

zebra webdesigns comments:

Hello Nile the repsonsiveness is made smooth now for all the views. I just need your advice on the top ad holder.

you can check the responsiveness in the studiopress responsive tool.

Please note the correction is also done for the bigger views, since previously the search is displaced when resized and the menu is not center aligned.

Let me know if you need any clarifications.

Looking for more works.
Have a great day