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Resize images to display correctly on single product page WordPress



This question is related to my question last week surrounding the images sizes on product archive page.
"Resize thumbnails to display correctly on catalogue archive page" This issue was thankfully resolved.

Now my question is about the image size on the single post page.

I'm using a theme called Lorem & Ipsum eCommerce by AIT themes with WooCommerce.

The images are not sized correctly on the product single pages. The template should call 480 x 480 size images to the page but instead calls 300 x 300 thumbs ad then upscales to 480 x 480 making them look pixelated and blurry.
If you look at the source code for this page you will see that the 300 x 300 size is being used.

How do I make the template call the 480 x 480 size images?

Thanks so much,

Answers (2)


Navjot Singh answers:

Can you mail me your login and ftp details?

Or even better, send me a PM.

Navjot Singh comments:

Oops. Sorry. Mail id is wpquestions @ nspeaks . com

Navjot Singh comments:

Done. Please check.

Annette Kalapaca comments:

YES! It's perfect.
Thank you. I will vote to award the prize.


Eric P. answers:

Some tips about this.

1) Give access to one (and only one) person at a time. If you give up on that person, change passwords before giving access to anyone else.

2) Give any access information through private messages only (or email). Never post full access passwords here.

3) I sent you a private message. I'll be happy to take a look if you want.

That theme doesn't seem as "responsive" as most, but it does have a "cell phone version". I'm not sure how it determines which rendering to use on which devices. You want to be careful that your solutions work accross multiple device platforms, computers with various browsers, tablets with mid sized screens, cell phones and other smaller screens.

Eric P. comments:

And i realize that none of my "answer" actually answers your question. To answer the question, I either need the ZIP files for your theme and plugins, or access to your site. I sent you private message with my email and contact info.