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Regular Content on Custom Post Root Instead Of Post Archive WordPress


A client of mine wants to move certain pages he has on his site to a custom post type. These pages had a parent page that had content. We used the same url set up as the original pages, meaning the custom post url is named the same as the parent page. But now we want to put the same content that was on the content page on the same URL, however that defaults to the archive of the custom posts. Is there a way around this?

This is the link to the custom post archive:

Before that the URL showed what is now on this link: and that is what we want to show on

any way of doing this? We're working with the Headway theme

ETA: At the moment I did a passthrough redirect, but if anyone knows a better solution, feel free to jump in.

Answers (2)


Remy answers:

If you don't want to use the custom post archive, you can disable it (set 'has_archive' to false), and set the old parent page slug to "masters-series".

Then you adapt your menu to set this page as parent, and the new custom posts as children.

Leslie Bogaerts comments:

Tried setting archive to false, but when doing that still redirects to an archive page, so that didn't work.

Remy comments:

Did you flush your permalinks after setting has_archive to false and renaming the page url ? I just tried it on a test site and my solution works after flushing (save once again on the permalinks settings page)

Leslie Bogaerts comments:

We decided to go a different route (having the content above and the archive below). You are correct though, I did retest your idea on a test site and afer resaving the permalinks it worked. I'm keeping this in mind for the future.


Susanta K Beura answers:

Hi Leslie Bogaerts,

Happy to help you. Please create a copy of single.php as single-[custom-post-type-name].php

[custom-post-type-name] is the name of your custom post type without [ and ].

PS: Dont rename single.php, make a copy and rename the copy. Actual single.php is required by your theme to function.

Hope this will help

Thank you

Susanta (aka WP-Guru)
skype: susanta.k

Leslie Bogaerts comments:

Hi Susanta,

Since it's the archive url that should show something different then it normally would, creating a single file for the custom type won't work.

What I want is that the link that now would lead to the archive page of the custom post type to show the content of a page.


Susanta K Beura comments:

To understand the exact problem and for a possible solution, if possible I'ld like to discuss with you on skype or gtalk. My IDs are below. Please send me invitation.

Skype: susanta.k
gTalk: susantabeura[at]gmail[dot]com