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RTL configuration needed WordPress


We need to configure a few pages from Karma theme support RTL?!
Where can we find WP support?! and how much would it cost to mirror a few pages?!

Here is the link to the theme:

Thank you,

Answers (2)


Sabby Sam answers:

Hey there,
Its not too easy for anyone and you have two option
1. buy this theme and mirror the page
2. Hire any developer they can do for you.
If you are interested kindly let me know. I will help you.
I am not sure about the cost. It depends on how many page you are looking to mirror.
Thank you

Sabby Sam comments:

I guess Balanean Corneliu is right, you can buy the theme and implement according to your requirement. And you can hire him as well, he is also a good programmer too.


Balanean Corneliu answers:

I think its more cheap for you to buy the theme and pay just for little help with customization or installation depend how much you know wordpress.

I can help you if you want, or you can chose Sam is a good programer to.

Good luck.

Balanean Corneliu comments:

Thank you Sam for feedback ;)

I have a good reason i think when i say to buy that theme. That theme cost 55$ but have 21,665 purcases times. Then its a big value, have more then few hours of hard work , its practicaly a stable version of a premium theme. And you have support and documentaion to, when you are going to buy the theme. With 3,330 Comments that meen have a full and active support. If you like that theme don't think to much first of buy.
Good luck.