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RSVP Scheduling Plugin and Calendar for Wordpress or BuddyPress? WordPress


I'm building a website on wordpress, maybe buddypress. I do need membership capabilities, so buddypress may be the wiser...?

Here's my vision: <strong>Fitness instructors </strong>from all over my town will be able to upload/schedule a fitness class to my Website/Calendar, and my <strong>members</strong> will be able to RSVP to those classes so those instructors know they are coming...

<strong>The class scheduler needs</strong> to have "capacity" option (max # of spots available), recurring option (weekly, monthly), and it needs to have the RSVP/ATTEND feature, amongst other options that are commonly found in any scheduler.

<strong>People need </strong>to be able to register as a member on my website, then pay for a monthly membership that allows them to RSVP/ATTEND any fitness class as available; or they can register as a member and simply pay-per-rsvp.

What are the right plugins for this? Or...
Who is confident they can make this happen for me?

Answers (1)


Kyle answers:

This is one of the most talked about areas of Wordpress as there is no ideal solution out there. Buddypress won't help you much (in my opinion). Your best bet (out of the box, so to speak) may be Appointments + by WMPU Dev, which is relatively new, but one of the best out there. But the WPMU dev monthly billing system is tough to swallow.

On the ultra premium side is Booking Calendar, which is solid, but not cheap and has a relatively focused scope, but good and they offer different levels

Multisite may serve you well if you want to allow the people accepting the bookings to each manage their own site. The Events Calendar (plus The Events Calendar Pro, Wootickets, and Community Events) are all by a group called Modern Tribe. It is a very well made set, and this is the one I personally use.

The setup I personally use, (which I could hypothetically build a copy for, but would be a very big project) is Gravity Forms tied to The Events Calendar.

All in all I think if you check out The Events Calendar and the other plugins by Modern Tribe you will be well served.

Kyle comments:

After reviewing your specs and comparing them with the plugins I think your best bet is this:

-Using The Events Calendar and Wootickets, you can allow fitness instructors to create any classes they want (recurring and capacity is possible).

-Add in Woocommerce Subscriptions, and allow users with the membership to buy tickets for free so to attend a class they just checkout and pay nothing ( and likewise if someone is not a member they pay the ticket price)

That seems to solve all your requirements

Plus both The Events Calendar and Woocommerce have some nice features like Google Maps and lots of payment gateway options