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RSS Feed Question WordPress


I am having trouble finding a working RSS feed on my blog. The normal Wordpress RSS feed URL is, but Facebook, Hootsuite, and TwitterFeed all say that my feed URL is invalid.

I had Feedburner installed, and I uninstalled it more than 2 days ago. I also uninstalled and deleted a few plugins on Jan 29th, around the same time this problem began.

Finally: I checked our URL and it seems to be valid, but the is not valid: But even this URL is not working on the aforementioned social media sites.

How do I fix the RSS feed on my blog?

Answers (5)


Chris Bavota answers:

I always suggest turning off all of your plugins to see if anyone is creating a conflict. If you have ruled this out, it could also be that something got messed up when you upgraded WordPress. Try installing WordPress again and that might fix everything.


Oleg Butuzov answers:

just try again with that adresses. it was invalid course feedburner didn't give access to your feeds.


Rashad Aliyev answers:


Try this plugin for fixing your RSS:


Hitesh Joshi answers:


Either use FeedBurner FeedSmith plugin, that will enhance your feeds with feedburner support without redirecting them. Download the plugin from here
Here is how to use it :

Or you can use a feed redirect plugin, that will redirect all your feeds to FeedBurner using this plugin

Just to advertise myself, in case you need multiple Feed Rss Integration in your website , you can use my plugin

Best regards,


Denzel Chia answers:


Your working feed url is here

As to why this is not working.
I can only think, maybe some plugin is preventing it or a plugin or maybe yourself has altered the WordPress Core feed template.