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RSS Feed Problem WordPress


I am currently receiving this error when I try to view the feed:

<blockquote>error on line 10 at column 6: XML declaration allowed only at the start of the document

I have even tried to go back to the default theme and it does not fix anything. I've disabled all plugins and it does not effect it. I have uploaded the entire contents of my wordpress directory as a zip.

[[LINK href=""]]the zip file (updated with just theme and wp-config file)[[/LINK]]

I am using the theme, "portfolio" as a child theme of thematic.

Hopefully someone can help.

Thanks for your time,

Answers (3)


Pippin Williamson answers:

Try the solution in this link:

Mark F. comments:

Thanks for the attempt, I tried the plugin linked at the end of that post and although it seemed to find a whole bunch of problems, it did not fix the error I was receiving.

Pippin Williamson comments:

If you could provide me log in information via email ([email protected]), I'd be more than happy to log in and fix your theme files.

Mark F. comments:

I am not comfortable with giving out my login right now, i've uploaded a lighter zip file to help provide you guys with what you need. I hope you can understand my desire to keep my info private.

Pippin Williamson comments:

I have fixed your problem.

Try out the attached zip.