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Pulling out Posts per Taxonomy, Part II WordPress


This question is for Abdessamad Idrissi. It is part II of "Pulling out Posts per Taxonomy":

Answers (1)


Abdessamad Idrissi answers:

Ok man ;)

Giorgio Adriano comments:


Abdessamad Idrissi comments:

Now we have in the loop :

- Mandarin (in English) => Display Nothing
-- Mobile Apps => 1 product
-- Paperback => 3 products
- Mandarin (in French) => Display Nothing
-- Paperback => 2 products

The products in "Mandarin (in English)" and "Mandarin (in French)" are now hidden. Do you want to hide the title of the category too? or style them with <h2> and in the bottom of the <h2> show the sub-categories with an <h3>?
With the actual system of organization you will have lot of categories; why not just eliminate both "Mandarin (in English)" and "Mandarin (in French)" and instead rename "Mobile Apps" and "Paperback" to something like "Mobile Apps (in English)" and "Paperback (in English)"?

You choose which one is more convenient for you :)

Abdessamad Idrissi comments:

I edited [[LINK href=""]]the code[[/LINK]] to take in consideration the parent/children categories.

Giorgio Adriano comments:

Abdessamad, it's working like a charm! It's exactly what I wanted.

Well done & thanks.

Giorgio Adriano comments:

just a quick question, on a page that doesn't have sub-cats, like, can the titles be H2 instead of H3?

Abdessamad Idrissi comments:

No problem :)

check [[LINK href=""]]the v4 of the code[[/LINK]].

Have a good day.

Giorgio Adriano comments:

Sweet! :-)

Giorgio Adriano comments:

Thanks man, you really did an outstanding job.


Abdessamad Idrissi comments:

You are welcome Adriano.. with pleasure :)