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We sell 500 slide scans to dvd for $245.00. For each additional Slide scan to dvd we charge $0.69.
But the additional scans product Addons adds to the entire order. Lets say a customer has 1556 slides. So they buy 3 of the 500 scans at $245.00 but pay $0.69 each for the additional 56 slides. Product add ons won't allow this. Product addons will multiply 56x3x $0.69. I don't want that to happen. Can someone help?? Is there a way to change the code?

Answers (2)


Kyle answers:

You need to apply bulk discounts with a plugin like this [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]] it will allow you to set a price for 500 as well as an individual price per slide, then take care of the calculations automatically.

Let me know if you need help configuring

Kyle comments:

In the cart it will still appear as 1556 as the quantity, but the price will reflect the $245x3 and $.69x56 with the amount saved also shown.

nikorf579 comments:

well I sell only 500 slide scan packages. I do individual slides as options after they purchase a "500 Slides for $245.00"

Kyle comments:

Okay, I think you'll want to step away from the add-ons plugin here, that is a little different than what you're trying to get done, that is more for modifying a product added to cart than giving discounts or doing advanced quantity work.

The bulk pricing combined with setting a minimum quantity of 500 with something like this would accomplish that [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]] would that suffice? You'd be accomplishing the same task.

Otherwise you'll need to have two separate products, with several conditionals setup that checks at various points (e.g. add to cart, proceed to checkout) that check that the other product (the 500) is in the cart before proceeding. Likewise you'd probably only want to display the individual slide option if it is already in the cart (or even on the cart page).

Kyle comments:

Any update here?


Gabriel Reguly answers:

Hi nikorf579,

Product Add-Ons will not work for what you describe.

An option would be creating another product for the smaller batches of photos and having a link to that product.

For example

<blockquote>Do you have extra photos above our 500 photos batches? If they are less than 355 photos, [buy them here] (link to $0.69 product).

But if they are between 355 and 500 photos just add another 500 batch as it is the cheaper option.

Does it make sense?


Gabriel Reguly comments:

Hi nikorf579,

Any news on this question?