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Problems with Neutica+ theme sidebar WordPress



I am currently using the theme Neutica+ which is based on Thematic.

Im having problems with the alignment of the widgets in the sidebar...the search bar is out of line and the widgets dont layout as they were intended with this theme!

if anyone can help I would really appriciate it!

here is the site -

here is how it was intended to look -


Answers (1)


Erez S answers:

The theme isn't compatible with the search widget so he causing few error,what you can do is to edit the css of the search widget so it would be compataible to the theme,if you want I can do this for you

davidsidhom comments:

Is that affecting the rest of the widgets though? and their alignment? thanks for your quick response!

Erez S comments:

I didn't understood you in first place,I'm looking what is causing the problem now(after you showed me how it is sopposed to be)

Erez S comments:

Ok here is what you should do,take the CSS from here:
And replace it with yours

davidsidhom comments:

thanks Erez S, i will do this asap and make u the winner! cheers

davidsidhom comments:

erez! i just did that and its gone mental!

Erez S comments:

What do you mean? Can you put the css I gave you again so I can see what is happening?

davidsidhom comments:

its back to how it was now, but when i replace the css it seemed to hate it. could be another problem on my end, will let you know.

Erez S comments:

Are you sure you edit the css well? Because when I replace it through FireBUG(Firefox addon) then everything is working great

davidsidhom comments:

Nearly there! think that was a problem with my dreamweaver.

i just need to align the widgets to the float left? and the searchbox has the same problem

Erez S comments:

As I see everything is working great now

davidsidhom comments:

Erez...thanks for your help, i had a friend look at it as well in the end! happy now! Peace!