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Problem with withdrawals on wpquestions WordPress


== Update ==

I received a mail from Lawrence, explaining they had 5 days where PayPal was sending payments, and immediately reverting them, explaining that no money was received. It seems to be fix now.

I invited him to come here to talk about it with everyone, since it seems there is others problems on the website too.


Hello everyone,

I'm writing here because I'm getting no answer from Lawrence ([email protected]) or the [email protected] emails, or twitter.

My last 2 withdrawals on august 25th (one of 20$ and one of 11$) were never received on my PayPal account. This is the first time it happened to me, and I didn't make any change to my paypal address.

Do you guys add this problem before ? And do you know of another way to contact the website's owners ?

It's pretty frustrating to see 30$ going in the void like this.

Answers (4)


zebra webdesigns answers:

Hello Remy,
it is happened like this before..they responded and it took around like a week.
it was due to some change in paypal method.

is the balance still in your account or not showing ??

Remy comments:

No the balance is not showing, only what I got since those 2 withdrawals


Martin Pham answers:


Same problem!!!
Paid to registered email.

Aug 23 2014, 01:29 AM ***** $35.00


Navjot Singh answers:

You are not alone. The community pot is all messed up. Page is not accessible. Sends a fixed amount daily which shouldn't be happening in the first place.

I tried contacting Lawrence Krubner and yes he hasn't been answering his mails. The blog owned by him is active though. He has a twitter account @[[LINK href=""]]krubner[[/LINK]] which was last used in April.

The co-owner Darren Hoyt I guess can be reached here and at his twitter account [[LINK href=""]]@darrenhoyt[[/LINK]].

I just tweeted to him. Waiting for a reply.

Remy comments:

Good to know, pretty sad to see they're leaving this website on its own and with more and more troubles.

I can understand not wanting to add more features or anything, but doing some bug fixes and support should be required, or transfer the ownership to someone who wants to do it

Navjot Singh comments:

Exactly. If they can't manage it then better give it to someone else.


Christianto answers:

Hi Remy,

I also have problem with my account,
its frustrating because since april, I sent Lawrence message to his email, twitter and pm him from this site, but I got no response.

I hope someone could contact him soon, I understand if Lawrence is busy and couldn't fix it quickly, but at least he could response our message and he know about some bug on this site that need to be fix.

Remy comments:

An answer would be the least we can expect, even if it's to say he doesn't want to support the website anymore.

And still, they're taking a commission for each question. I guess I'll stop answering questions until this issue is resolved.

Christianto comments:

Good to hear that Lawrence replied you email Remy,
I just sent him message regarding bug with my account.
Hope he will response it.