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Problem with Video Carousel - Sundance Theme WordPress


Hey guys.
I have a problem with my blog: I've changed to the Sundance theme and can't get the video carousel to work properly. The first video displays properly but the rest of them display very small.
I plan on making changes to current sticky posts already in the carousel and adding new material when I have new posts but if I can't get the theme to work now how it should I think I'll need a different theme?.?
Can anyone help me.
Thanks in advance,
PS: If you need any other info, let me know! I'm a newbie here.

Answers (2)


Dbranes answers:

If your site is hosted on then your modification possibilities are more limited.

But you could try to adjust it through CSS.

For example start with:

.featured-posts iframe {
width: 600px !important;
height: 400px !important;

to check if it makes any difference.

You could also check inline CSS or try the width/height attributes:

<iframe src="//" width="640" height="480" ></iframe>


I think you have to upgrade to be able to add custom CSS on

but you should be able to preview it but not save the edit.

See more here:

zamsteepa comments:

Hi Dbranes,
Thanks for your answer. I'm sorry but where would I put this javascript snippet?
Also, I'm not sure but isn't 'jetpack' an add-on? The video carousel on Sundance is a built in feature that works by making 'sticky posts' (which I've done to get the carousel 'working' except for this sizing of the videos problem). It's like it has a bug.
I hope I'm making sense.
Any thoughts? Cheers.

Dbranes comments:

Hi Zam, I updated the answer, but is your blog hosted on

zamsteepa comments:

Hi Dbranes,
Yes it is. But I don't have the custom CSS upgrade on this blog. I'd prefer not to have this extra expense.
For me it just seems like there is a problem in the Sundance Theme - like something got mucked up in the 'code' when I set up the video carousel. Could this be possible? If so, I'm surprised I'd have to change something by having to purchase the CSS upgrade and fixing the problem through that. What do you think?
Just to clarify the problem:
Only one video at a time in the carousel will display in the correct size (like in photo1 which I've attached). All the rest of the videos when you scroll through the carousel display really small (like in photo2).
**If I 'inspect element' of one of the videos that are displaying small, this video becomes the 1 video displaying correctly.

I hope I'm making sense.
If you think the CSS upgrade is the only way to fix this, then I guess I could try that. I'm just hoping there is another way.