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Problem with Tweetable plugin WordPress


Back in September I asked "[[LINK href=""]]Is there a working plugin for Twitter?[[/LINK]]" I was working so much I didn't have time to follow up on it, but now I'm trying to install the Tweetable plugin. It does not work for me, I post and get garbage on screen. See the attached screenshot. Does anyone know what causes this?

I'm using WordPress version 2.9.2 which should be compatiable.

Answers (1)


AdamGold answers:

These are class errors with the plugin (what PHP version are you running on?), I suggest you find another plugin as this one doesn't seem to work as it expected. (you will need to customize it to get this working)
As the stats show, the plugin seems to be broken with WP 2.9.2

I suggest you to use Twitter widget pro, which is compatible with 2.9.2:

Lawrence Krubner comments:

This looks like it is mostly for getting tweets out of Twitter, rather than getting blog posts into Twitter.

AdamGold comments:

Ah, sorry didn't know this it what you're looking for.
Looks compatible with 2.9.2