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Problem setting cookie on WP Questions WordPress


Once again I'm using this site to ask a question, not about WordPress, but about WP Questions itself.

If you go to this page, a cookie should be set on your browser:

[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

However, it seems to me that no cookie is being set. Here is the code I'm using, does anyone see a flaw in the way I'm setting this cookie?

public function executeStatic($request)
setcookie ("haveYouSeenTheLandingPage", $request->getParameter('name'), time() + 100000000);

if (file_exists($this->userCustomizationPath . 'templates/static' . $request->getParameter('name') . '.php')) {
$fileAsString = file_get_contents($this->userCustomizationPath . 'templates/static' . $request->getParameter('name') . '.php');
} elseif (file_exists(sfConfig::get('sf_root_dir') . '/apps/contest/modules/page/templates/static' . $request->getParameter('name') . '.php')) {
$fileAsString = file_get_contents(sfConfig::get('sf_root_dir') . '/apps/contest/modules/page/templates/static' . $request->getParameter('name') . '.php');

if (!$fileAsString) $this->forward404();

$this->fileAsString = $fileAsString;

So a cookie named haveYouSeenTheLandingPage should be set with a value of "About".

Any thoughts about why this is failing? Or is it working for some of you? If so, what browsers?

Answers (2)


Peter Michael answers:

Works on FF4/Windows Vista

Peter Michael comments:

Also works on
- Safari 5.0.5
- Chrome 11.0.696.71
on Windows Vista

Lawrence Krubner comments:

Strange. I wonder why it doesn't work for me?

Anyway, thanks all for the feedback. Very useful.


Utkarsh Kukreti answers:

Works on FF4 / Windows 7