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Price On Customizing a Review/Rating Website WordPress

Good day!

We have a prospect that is interested in a custom review/rating site. She's marketing it to a specific market - so that people can share their story (and leave a review/rating) on any particular business in that market.

Would sincerely appreciate your time in review the following and providing me with an estimate!


Overall - they want this very super simple - simplicity is key. The focus is to getting reviews only, not providing any other information or service.

Overall 3 main functions on home page.

1) They want to showcase their "mission" - and allow all visitors to promote their mission via the social world virally (through Facebook/Twitter, etc. feed push, etc.

2) They want the visitor to be able to "search" for a particular company under this specific market.

3) They want the visitor to be able to "share their story" about a particular company under this specific market.

In addition on home page we would have a custom Jquery slider or two and some other standard functions as we always do.


From the WordPress plugins and engines we have discovered -it looks like either of these two may work (with customization) - but wanting to know what you recommend:




1) wants to easily be able to "feature" a company on the home page - or maybe rotate through multiple featured companies that the admin selects to feature on home page.

2) admin has ability to feature some recent reviews on the home page that links through the specific review/company profile page.

3) have a easy search function that allows visitors to:

• enter keyword search (auto populates with matches if available)
• enters zip code
• clicks go to submit and search

4) Have a way to "Add a Listing" - in case the company they are searching is not in the database. All standard fields apply when adding a new company.

• would have ability to add photos as well
• also all user submitted posts would be "moderated"

5) Have banner ad management with rotation capabilities if they choose to add this later


Display Each Company Record that Matches Search Criteria - ability to set XX per page with Pagination on bottom of page to scroll through multiples.

Left side would include the record - right side of page would include a Google Maps with pins to each company in the results. Each pin mark would be able to hover and provide same info or click through detail page.

Each Record in SERP would Include:

• Company Name
• Full Address, Phone, Website
• Short Description with more on detail page
• Average Review
• # of Reviews
• # Pinpoint on Google Map
• Add to Favorites (requires account)
• Visit Profile Page - links to detail page
• Google Maps On Right Side
• Banner Ad Management on Right Side

• Ability to "feature" any particular business(es) (by admin selection) to show up on top.


Would like every business detail page for the URL to be SEO optimized - maybe matching the company name and/or category built into it?

• Full Address, Phone, Website
• Long Description of company
• Average Review/Rating
• Ability to Review/Rate (requires login)
• # of Reviews (also links to reviews)
• # Pinpoint on Google Map
• Add to Favorites (requires account)
• Facility Times/Hours
• Directions to Facility - Google Map
• Send to Friend (Email)
• Share (Social)
• Photo Gallery - unlimited photo capability
• Banner Ad Management (on right side)

Recent Reviews Includes

• Avatar of User Leaving Review
• Rating (Stars)
• Review Date / Time
• Actual Shared Story/Review (we control word count)
• All Reviews would be Admin moderated!!


1) Ability for a Visitor to Contact Person that Left REVIEW - BUT ONLY IF the Person that left review checks something internal that says they are okay with it under their profile (Okay to be contacted about review). The person requesting contact would have to create an account as well to make communication somehow! How would you consider doing this? Would we provide the all account holders with an email and phone # and only display both if they choose to be contacted? Then the person interested in contacting could call or email? (has on

2) Ability for User to "Compliment" the reviewer - requires sign in but somehow they can send a compliment to the person that left the review (has on
3) Ability for user to 'report a problem with the review' - would require login and then they can send a message to the site admin. Would love to be able to track this both by the sender and the receiver. (has on

4) Since this site would have no available data records to begin with - can your plugin/engine connect to and pull in something like Yellow Page data records - and if so - could we allow only "specific" categories to nail down the exact market we are catering to? There could be multiple categories as this market is called by multiple category names.

Where we would be able to set the query(s)?

If pulling in the records - we would not want to pull in all the extra review records at YP but simply the data - where we can have a clean set of reviews attached to the business listing and store that on our DB. Hope that makes sense. YP probably has reviews already where we would want the option to only use our user submitted reviews but pull in the business data to our users.

5) In addition or replacement to YP data - is there another data source option to consider? Maybe Google Places data?


• We would love some statistic reporting on the backend to tell us the # of searches, reviews, etc.


This prospect - because of funding - would love to be able to utilize something "existing" such as one of the above plugins/theme and have it modified accordingly - rather than building from scratch!

I hope all this makes sense. Email me with any questions! Hope to hear from you in the coming days. If you can provide me with a price to customize AND install/setup as outlined above - that would be fantastic.

Thanks so much!

[email protected]

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