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PressThis img upload via URL - should be consistent WordPress


I like how PressThis copies the actual image file into the WP Uploads folder. Is there a quick tweak to the non-PressThis Media Uploader via URL that can be done to make them consistent?

See full question/example here: [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

It's not a big deal so it's not a big price, but if it's quick and easy (and hopefully can get implemented into Core), then it'd be nice for everybody.

OR.... let me know WHY this behavior is the way it is.

If no one does this, I'll just donate the money.

Thanks WP buddies.

Answers (2)


Ipstenu answers:

I acrually ended up answering this here :)

<blockquote>Apparently you can already do it.

Just do it as if you were uploading a file from your computer, but when the file browser pops up, rather than clicking a file, just paste the url into the text field.

It hang for a few seconds, but it works! And it wont just link through the url, it actually uploads it.</blockquote>

The PressThis editor works differently than the full editor. Don't know WHY, but it does (and actually ... it's an iffy tool in general. I've had it bomb out on me a lot). My guess would be that the code in Press This that can grab all that page information can also scrape the content and upload images, while the full editor, not being cognizant of any other pages, cannot. AND I would speculate that the speed of the full editor would drop (i.e. it'd get real slow) if we tried that.


Gabriel Reguly answers:

Hi Cliff P,

Are you aware of this?

[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]

WordPress 3.3 is around the corner, and if I recall correctly file uploads will change.

Edit: For users, these features will be coming to you soon in the upcoming version 3.3.


Clifford P comments:

I knew drag-and-drop was coming, but I haven't looked into when 3.3 is planned on being released... I haven't messed with 3.3 beta either.

Regardless, I'm guessing upload image via URL will still be an option and I'd be curious to see if it will be handled differently - my way - lol.

FYI: your link lacks 'http://' so it doesn't work without copy/paste

So, any answer for how upload img src via URL can be made just like Press-This?

Here's a screenshot PROVING that the png gets copied into my uploads folder (at least it LOOKS like it's in there)... [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]] - I even downloaded to my desktop just to make sure it was a real file.

Clifford P comments:

I'd really love something to go in the functions.php

Gabriel Reguly comments:

Hi Cliff P,

Thanks for the heads-up, I have fixed the link.