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Posts are indexing with email address at the end of ULR - help! WordPress

I have 57 "wrong" posts indexed from Jan 31st, last one showing is dated Feb 13.

[[LINK href="null"]][email protected]

I am vexed why the email is stuck on the end of all these posts.

When clicking on the links links there is the message :Latest Gaming Updates "Sorry, no posts matched your criteria."

This shows in Google's indexing: "no results:no results:no results:[email protected] – Search ..."

Hostgator advised changing the permalink back to default then back to the "news-type" permalink version that I need: /%postname%/85%post_id%/

This was a week ago and does not seem to have fixed anything.

Please advise

Answers (4)


Rashad Aliyev answers:

What's your default permalink settings now?

Elizabeth Hill comments:

It is as above, I reset it to default then back to the one above.

Elizabeth Hill comments:

It is as above, I reset it to default then back to the one above.


Salahuddin Hairai answers:


i dont see any problems with your links now. or else may i consider it as a spam?


Vidyut Kale answers:

Check the referring urls from your webmaster tools/analytics/logs for the wrong url. Also check the number/kind of real visitors it is getting if at all.

Then go to the source code of the pages and search for the email ID and find out what is outputting it. Your sitemap is clean. Possibly a bad plugin, particularly if the email getting appended is the admin email or that of a user.

If nothing is found, then we will have to look at 'deeper causes'. Most likely, it will be caught.

Good news is, with so many urls, it is unlikely to be bad external links.


Sébastien | French WordpressDesigner answers:

supposition : at a moment your permalink structure was :
/%postname%/85%post_id%/[email protected]
In this case, this post [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]] had this url [[LINK href="[email protected]"]][email protected][[/LINK]]
Completely normal.
The googlebot had recorded this url. Normal too.

Now your permalink structure is
the url of your post become [[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]. Normal one more time.

I search in google
<blockquote> Xbox Live’s Digital Content to be sold in European Stores</blockquote>
and the url proposed is :’s-digital-content-to-be-sold-in-european-stores/854573/
with the text <blockquote>ADVERTISEMENT. Xbox Live's Digital Content to be sold in European Stores. By John Dunbar On 9 Feb, 2011 | Topic - Todays News. xbox live ...</blockquote>

so there is no more problem i think.
Google had the old url (with mail) but now, he had updated your site and there is no more your bad url in its results


if you go here :
[[LINK href="[email protected]"]][email protected][[/LINK]] there is no result.
WHY ??
because that's not an url valid on your site. There is no post with this url