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Post ID Missing WordPress


For whatever reason I cannot figure out, my WP Post IDs don't show any longer, and I've check everything to see why the post IDs would suddenly no longer show.

So in the dashboard screen options box, there is also no choice for Post ID to check. I'm using 3.1.2

Anyone know what is going on - I need the post IDs for various reasons, including for inline posting.

Also, if you have tips on making the homepage load faster in various browsers, will be very helpful.


Answers (4)


Travis Lopes answers:

This plugin should help show post IDs in Dashboard.

As far as speeding up page load times, be sure to check out WP Super Cache and WP Minify.


Navjot Singh answers:

Wordpress has no options to show post ids. It was removed long back. If you want to see Post ids, you can use [[LINK href=""]]this plugin[[/LINK]].


Fahad Murtaza answers:

My favorite is Simply Show IDs

[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]


Just Me answers:

it shows in the url when you hover over the post in post overview (Google Chrome). Shows up in the address bar when you edit a post and yes more than a few plugins are available to make it visible for easy access.