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Popup disclaimer with accept or decline link options WordPress

I have been requested to implement a popup that will display on particular page(s) that will say something along the lines of the following in a lightbox or similar...


<strong>Risk Disclaimer

By clicking I agree/proceed, I acknowledge that I understand participation in alternative investment platforms is available only to qualified investors and that the investments involve risk.

(LINK) I agree, proceed to the site (LINK) I disagree and want to leave</strong>


If the visitor clicks Agree/Proceed, the popup simply closes and allows the visitor to browse the site; if the visitor clicks on Disagree/Leave it will take them somewhere else, like

Please help.

Answers (2)


Pixel Coder answers:

Hi Dane, let me get this for you now.

Top Shelf comments:


You are a fountain of knowledge.

Thank you,


Pixel Coder comments:

Thanks, how's that for you?

It's using a UI theme for the pop up.

Both the .js and .css file are hosted with Google CDN.

If you notice a new custom field title "px-popup" in your custom field list, if not that's the one to add.

Fill in a value on any given post or page for that custom field now and a pop up will display.

Had some troubles with jQuery being included with your theme, currently it might be getting called twice.

If you're going through some optimisation later this should be investigated.

Hope that works out, also if you would like the ability to load your own theme lemme know and will allow for a theme option.

Cheers :p

Top Shelf comments:


Thank you again for your timely assistance. I have been able to make it work without even filling in a value, so long as I have added a custom field. Once the website is finished it must be reviewed by the financial regulators to make certain its compliant, for regulatory purposes. If I need to ammend/edit the text in the disclaimer, where can I accomplish this?


Pixel Coder comments:

No problems lad :)

Oh, thanks for heads up on that. Leave it off entirely if not required.

WordPress treats a custom field as active even if no value assigned, interesting. Learn something new every day.

It's hard coded in the footer, as mentioned though a small options page could be created for the theme url.... and also the text.

Little more time involved again though.

So yeah, if you would like to change the text... head into footer.php, look for a div with id of px-disclaimer.

The rest is up to you.


Top Shelf comments:


I am going to be using this site frequently and I hope to be able to utilize your assistance again sometime soon.

Warm Regards,


Pixel Coder comments:

Lovely dude,

Many thanks


Hai Bui answers:

You can just use this plugin