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Pay to post solution WordPress


Greetings. Does anyone know please of a robust 'pay to post' solution for WordPress, other than through using the Wishlist Member plugin (which is good but is not quite pay to post and conflicts with the superb Gravity Forms plugin).

I would like to set up multiple front end forms with Gravity Forms through which different types of content will be published to the site, but would like to insert a Paypal payment gateway on a per-post basis, i.e., pay per post. That gateway could come before access is given to the posting form, or it could appear after clicking "submit" on the form; preferably the former.

Many thanks

Answers (2)


Merne Asplund answers:

Not sure why you would charge someone to write content, but here goes. Here is a couple paid tutorials advertising their pay per post capabilities:

This one is free and it sounds perfect:
But it seems a tad old.

Judging by the price of this question, I am assuming you're just looking for advice.


Monster Coder answers:

what you want?
pay writer per post? or writers have to pay per post?

Richard comments:

Hi there. I mean writers/contributors have to pay per post. Thanks.

Monster Coder comments:

I never heard any such plugin! and I am new to such concepts too ;). Always heard writers get paid :).

I think a custom solution will be perfect :).