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Parent Category Page - List child categories excerpts WordPress


Hello all,

I am not fantastic at describing what I need, but here goes :)

This is using category.php file.

When clicking a top-level category page link on my menu I want category.php to display child and grand children category headers along with 5 titles and excerpts of each child and grand children category in that top-level category but no top-level category posts.

So if someone clicks a menu item that is a top level category it displays each child and grand child category header, 5 titles & excerpts but I do not want to show posts from the top level category (I really want the top level to act as a gateway to it's children & grand children.)

Then when someone clicks either a category header from one of the child or grand child categories it takes them to a page listing all posts from that child or grand child category (showing something like this - That paste-it is my current category.php which displays posts from any category (top-level, child & grand child) when a category menu link is clicked.

Can anyone make sense of my nonsense and help?

Look forward to hearing from you.

All the best,

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Erez S answers:

so you don't want the category page to show posts from the category itself,but only from it's child category and grand children category?
fix me if i'm wrong

Karl comments:

Yes that is correct. Essentially, when a user clicks on ,say, Arts & Entertainment they are shown a page that shows - for example - music, arts, theatre child cats with post excerpts. Like this mock-up I did:

then when they click child cat it takes them to my current category.php as per my paste-it code.