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Paragraph spacing not saving when editing an imported post WordPress


I'm helping a friend import a blog from blogger to wordpress and on the posts that were imported, formatting seems all messed up.

When she tries to go in and edit the past posts by adding back in the correct paragraph spacing, it doesn't seem to save.

[[LINK href=""]]Here's[[/LINK]] an example post from the old blog, [[LINK href=""]]here's[[/LINK]] the same post on her WP install.

[[LINK href=""]]Here's me[[/LINK]] trying to edit the post in the visual and HTML editors with the WP dashboard area.

Answers (2)


Ashfame answers:

Its all messed up in code too. There are DIVs and not paragraphs <p>

This CSS could make it somewhat better:

.entry div {margin:10px 0;line-height:20.3px;font-size:13.5px}

Ashfame comments:

If you follow Andrzej solution, you will have to do that for every post and actually thats better if you do that programatically, manual would be painfull.

And if you just don't care and wants it to look better, then the CSS I gave you should do well.

Rodney Blackwell comments:

Thanks, this seems to fix the existing entries, but it doesn't seem to explain why paragraph spacing wasn't created when it was added via the visual editor (or via the HTML edit when manually adding paragraph opening and closing tags)

Ashfame comments:

Actually its paragraph content is wrapped around DIV tags.

<div style="text-align: justify;">In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I thought I would take a moment to reflect on all that I am thankful for at this time in my life. Well, I take that backā€¦ knowing how easy it is for me to go on and on, perhaps I'll just stick with my top ten.</div>

Had it been just text, it should show up correctly.

If you want to fix all these DIVs programatically, then you can reach me and I will do that for you.


Andrzej answers:

Go to HTML editor, copy and paste text to Notepad, Find and replace <div for <p and </div> for </p> - should add proper spacing.