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Pagination for list of posts by category? WordPress



Answers (3)


Pippin Williamson answers:

Try modifying the plugin again, but this time change the "query_posts" within the plugin that actually calls the category.

Use [[LINK href=""]]this post[[/LINK]] as a guide


Joe Jenkins answers:

One way you could do this, to keep the category system in place, is to use a different category page for each category. This way, you can add different text exactly as you want it on each of the category pages.

Use this plugin:

Then, for pagination, there are a number of plugins you can use:

I've written an article which includes some info on the category plugin, and you can see that here:


Michael Fields answers:

The best way to go here is to use the category archive template. If you have content that needs to be displayed at the top, this can be added via the "category description" box. If you need tiny MCE, there is this plugin:

If you need custom fields for your category, this tutorial is one of the best:

IMO you will have the best experience using the functionality that is already built-in to WordPress instead of coding your own. Customizations such as this (using a page to function as a category archive) are prone to error in future versions and I would not recommend a procedure such as this at all.

That being said, if you need the code, Please post you category template to and I can whip something up.