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Page not holding style changes after image upload WordPress


I am using Flexibility3 theme. This may be the same problem as my previous question, but I don't think so.

When editing a page I have two options of where to make the changes: 'visual' or 'html'. Usually I make in-line style changes to a page in 'html'. All is well.

Then I need to upload an image. I can only do that in the 'visual' work space. I do. All the changes I made in the 'html' workspace are gone. I am sad. frustrated.

Do all themes do this? I have only worked with this theme. The site is not complicated. No bells and whistles. I am just persnickety about controlling little visual details. Would a different theme meet my needs better?

If not, if all themes do this, then how do I upload images without losing in-line style changes on specific pages.

What information do you need to evaluate this problem?

Here is the site:

novice wreaking havoc.

Answers (3)


Kristin Falkner answers:

TinyMCE Advanced is another plug-in that keeps html in tact. But you shouldn't have to upload an image only through the Visual tab... the Upload/Insert icons (image attached) that sit above the content box toolbar to add media should remain whether you are on HTML or Visual and you should be able to click that to add an image directly in the HTML tab, as well.


Baki Goxhaj answers:

This is not a theme issue - instead it is how WordPress's editor behaves. It is set to clear some in-line style when you go the the visual.

<blockquote>If not, if all themes do this, then how do I upload images without losing in-line style changes on specific pages. </blockquote>

There is a workaround to that. You go to media library sections and upload images from there. When you do so, you will have unattached images with a small (Attach) link on there. You click on that link, a little window will popup and you will be able to attach the image to the post.

If all you need is the image link, copy it from there and go and paste it to the html section of the editor.


Dan | gteh answers:

Use a plugin called Foliopress. Iy is a wysiwyg editor that replaces the default one and does not strip out any of you html code.

After you install it you can configure the settings and enable the default image loader.

I use it on every site I build