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Page error and loading wheel WordPress


This is a mobile only site I'm working on.

I'm getting an "Error Loading Page" on the non-expanding menu items like "Location and Service Times". (screenshot attached)

And I'm getting a loading wheel on all of the expanded menu links like "What to expect at a Service" under "I'm New". I know the loading wheel technically isn't an error, but it make the site feel like it's slow. So I'd like to remove the loading wheel, and speed up the links if possible.

Any suggestions on either?


Answers (5)


zebra webdesigns answers:

Hello kld53

I checked the site both in mobile and desktop browser and the pages loading fine for me.
Regarding the loading wheel , it is an indication that I clicked the menu and the site is refreshing.
Its a common feature for mobile devices and the pages are loaded in fraction of seconds for me.

If you still like to remove the loading wheel, then I will take a look at the code and let you know.


Espreson Media answers:

Site is loading fine...No error!


Romel Apuya answers:


Actually the site is working fine but for you to be at ease so the "error message"
that you are seeing wont display add this to your css
.ui-loader-verbose h1{
display: none !important;


and for the icon loading this

display: none !important;

kld53 comments:

Thanks. Are you not seeing "Error Loading Page" when you select "Location and Service Times"?