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I am very new to wordpress
I am a designer but work in Print and i am just trying to get my head around the basics of wordpress publishing for a folio site

I am using the WPfolio theme

I have been trying to answer what might be a very basic question:

Within my single posts i usually have about 6 images to add

After i 'upload them' as a batch and able to rearrange them in the gallery, i still have to go via the 'show' section and individually 'add to post'

this seems a lengthy process
am i missing somethign very simple ormaybe this is normal but there a plugin i can get to solve this


my temporary/work in progress site is:

<em>Thanks so much everyone
the faster image insert and NextGEN gallery were great
however, i am not sure i was clear enough in my original question
i am trying to insert the images in normal scroll down fashion rather than a gallery style
so like this:
rather than this:

Answers (6)


Richard M. answers:

Create a gallery with the images you want to show on that post in NextGen then insert the code in your post

Nextgen Gallery:

For a gallery : [nggallery id=x]



Christianto answers:


You can use [[LINK href=""]]this plugin[[/LINK]].

Christianto comments:

Plugin above not only insert bulk image but also doing mass image editing like title, caption etc

Hope this help


Graham Kite answers:

Depending on your needs, requirements etc, you can if you have created html, paste that into your post in the html tab, you can code your css etc into the html or attach in your style sheet etc.

You html will call the styleheet for the layout and you don’t have to mess around much.
if your html is not displaying properly you may need to use the raw html plug-in.
I would upload my images via ftp and not the Wordpress media manager. But that’s just my preferred way of uploading.

As a second option you could create a template page, all you need is html code and a php tag, you can delete everything else, rename it to something else, then paste your html and the page will look exactly as you want.

You then create a new page, use your template and it will be exactly what you want.
The first method will give you a display using your wordpress site, the second would give you a page and style based on your html and so it would be a unique page not looking like your blog.

Also look at Richard and Demzel above, These guys know their stuff, if they sugest something I would look at it if you want to code it into your site.

Graham Kite comments:

You would be correct that this would have to be added to the posts individually however you do have a couple of options that may be a bit quicker.

Upload all your images at once.
since they are all in the same folder and path and you have the image names, you would copy and paste your code into the html area with the path to the images and just change the image names.
Or create your html page and post it in as mentioned above. Ether of these would be much quicker than inserting posts one at a time.

And the custom template could still be made to work but I would suggest you stay away from that as it might be a bit of work to set it up.


Kailey Lampert answers:

I've haven't found an easier way to add multiple images to a post (aside from inserting a gallery). To the best of my knowledge, you'll have to click Insert into Post for each image.

But if someone knows of a plugin - that would be great!


Aneesh Joseph answers:

the best and the easiest way would be to insert it as a gallery. You can use the gallery short code or you can insert the gallery from the Image Uploader.
[[LINK href=""]][[/LINK]]
If you are not comfortable with short codes,Check the attached screen shot.(You just need to click the "Insert Gallery Option")


Denzel Chia answers:


My advise is to upload all images within your posts and not using the media upload library.

Go to add post, create your post and click on media up-loader icon to upload all your images to that post at once. You can select all images by holding shift button and arrow down to select the images to upload. The up-loader is able to handle multiple image attachments at a time. Insert that as gallery within your post and save as draft to view, click publish if all is done.

Hope it helps!