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P2 Status Posts to Comments WordPress

I have been using the P2 theme, posting "main posts" and users have been posting supporting "comments" (P2 calls these statuses) as posts. These status-posts push the main post down on the page.

I have removed the capability for users to post-to-status, and I need to convert the remaining, supporting status-posts into COMMENTS, so that the comments correlate with the "main post". In sum, the status-posts would become comments, and the comments would be organized to best fit under each main-post (like a traditional blog format).

How might I go about shifting the posts to comments?

Answers (1)


Julian Lannigan answers:

How are the "post-to-status" posts related to the "main posts"?

And do you have a live example of what you explained?

willisk comments:

These are driven by time and content... most of them are posted the same day as the main-post (so chronologically), but some are posted in reference to an earlier post (these are content related). I do have a live example, but I would have to get special permission to get another login to view the content.

Julian Lannigan comments:

After looking into this, I think that unless you have a definite criteria on how the status updates and blog posts are linked, you will have a hard time programmatically discerning which status updates belong to which blog posts. If it is based on the content alone, running a loop function may not work correctly for all the status updates. Although if you set a criteria such as, add all status updates that were entered on the same day as a blog post to the comments for that blog post, can be done programmatically.

Although, if you seek a function that will allow you to go through the posts and decide which "main post" they belong to manually, I can develop a function to do so. Unfortunately, I cannot create such a function for $7. Please either increase the question prize or contact me individually. julian (at) jlconsulting (dot) co