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Override WooCommerce price range WordPress


Hello there!

i´m using WooCommerce in germany where it is very common to offer the bottom price for a variable product. So if my variable product has a range from 29,90€ up to 99,00€ it should display "from 29,99€" instead of "29,99€-99,00€"

It could be changed on class-wc-product-variable.php, but i want this changes made correctly in my child-theme to be sure it works after an update and can´t be overwritten.

On attached file, you can see how it looks actually ( left ) and how it should look like ( right )

Thanks for your help



Answers (3)


zebra webdesigns answers:

Hello Flipmode85, Please copy the files in woocommerce template folder, reside in the plugin and put inside the child theme under the folder woocommerce.

so that your changes wont be affected when the woocommerce is upgraded.
I will send the exact files to be modified in the next message

flipmode85 comments:

Hello there,

i thought that too, but it doesn´t work!
the main file is located in woocommerce/includes/...

find attached file to see my child-theme structure