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Opencart SSL issues WordPress


Hi guys,

I know this is not a wp-related question, so forgive me for the low starting value on this solution as I am unsure if it allowed to be posted.

I have recently gained an SSL certificate for my domain It is set up and working and I have made amendments to the correct config.php files.

I have visited this site ( ) and it has defined all of the SSL insecurities, these are mainly simple things such as images. However my site does not get the green padlock secure symbol in the browser. instead I get the error "This Page has insecure content" Dont Load (recommend) or Load anyway buttons when i enter the checkout. This obviously doesn't look great for customers.

Using and entering the domain shows all of the highlited issues with the site.

After a bit of googling I have seen some solutions regarding images cant be an absolute paths, but there also appears to be some plugin in-securities.

I know someone with the correct experience in opencart and SSL can probably knock this problem out quite quickly.

If someone has the ability to login and resolve these issues I will happily pay $25.

Kind Regards,

Answers (2)


Manoj Raj answers:

I am not sure whether i am allowed to answer this question as it is wordpress related.. I will send you a message..


Jarret Minkler answers:

If ANY of the plugins include javascript or css from a third - party that is NOT served from an https this warning will occur. You must turn off any of these plugins on pages that you want secure. The options are: use the https versions of these scripts (usually google adwords etc will detect which it is on for example) download the scripts you need, and host them from your sever, remove the plugins.