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Nivo Lightbox not opening on iPhone or iPad WordPress

Hi Guys

I have created a site for a client and have installed a gallery page that works great on desktop but not on iPhone and iPad. The thumbnails do not open up on tap or double tap.

I'm using the latest version of the Wordpress plugin from

Any ideas on a solution?

Many thanks

Answers (2)


Andrea P answers:

it works on my android mobile.
seems the classic conflict caused by Safari, which is by far the worst browser out there, even though everyone is still making fun of IE and Apple's products are considered cool..

I've found this topic which maybe can be of some help. they say at the end that the issue has been sorted since version 1.1 but honestly, I won't be surprised if Safari newer versions are crashing against the nivo's update again...

by the way, the code that the guy suggest to use, should be placed just before your page's /body> closing, wrapped into script tags like:

if (/webkit.*mobile/i.test(navigator.userAgent))
effect: 'nonexistent',
afterHideLightbox: function()

haven't tested it at all, in particular because I don't have iPad nor iPhone, but I think it worth a try.


Steve Watson comments:

They say they have fixed that as of release version 1.1

I added it anyway and it made no difference.

It is however definitely a Safari issue. I installed the Chrome app on my iPad and it works fine

Is there anything else I can try to get it working in Safari?

Andrea P comments:

I'm sorry but I can't check the issue (safari for windows is not being updated since version 5..) so I can't test and figure out what is the problem. in any case, safari for desktop is different from mobiles, and even on mobiles there are differences from ipad and iphone, etc..

I recently simply took off Safari support from my services, if I have to buy each of their device just for testing, it would cost more than what I can earn from cross browsing issues jobs.

I think what you could do with this issue is just complaining to Apple. and what we developers could do is stating that we won't support Safari anymore for our clients.
it's offensive that they are providing such a bad product, especially considering their prices, and nobody is complaining. they must understand that they have to work on it if they want people to use it.

please excuse my rant but recently I've got more than an issue with Safari.

I hope you'll find a solution though. whish you the best!


Jayaram Y answers:

Hi Steve,

I just checked on my iphone4 and Ipad.
In both the devices, the gallery image is been shown in popup with navigation arrows. It might be your browser cace. Please clear cache and check again.

Jayaram Y comments:

Also as Andrea said, you can check this link