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Newsletter batching emails sent over time WordPress

Hi I have a site running newsletter with 5000 subscribers. Our new host only allows 1000 emails per hour so need to either batch in groups or throttle the sending to stay within these limits. Need to get a price on achieving this or perhaps using a different add-in.

Thx Greg

Answers (2)


John Cotton answers:

Hi Greg

Can you give some details of what plug in you're currently using to send the email?



Greg Joosse comments:

Hi John, sorry, site went down last night.

Its running Newsletter free version.

I know there are other plug-ins but I don't want to break this site but open to suggestions.


John Cotton comments: code viewable without payment.

Looks like you'll have to find someone who knows the plug-in. Sorry.

For what it's worth, I can recommend MailChimp. You'd have to pay (I think about $25pm for 5K subscribers) but the system is well worth that and can be nicely integrated with WordPress or a current list.




Duncan O'Neill answers:


please check your messages for an offer on this job.

Please reply at the email supplied if you are interested in taking up the offer.