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Need some modifications to a gallery plug-in WordPress


I am utilizing a plugin that creates a light box gallery in Word Press. I need the ability to adjust the order of the images in the gallery. I was told by the original WP Engineer that the plugin needed to be adjusted.

Here's the sample of what is inside the Page:

[gallery include="407, 398, 423, 419, 411, 408, 372, 417, 399, 391, 415, 378, 410, 397, 390, 414, 373, 393, 389, 387, 384, 381, 380, 379, 377, 376, 422, 421, 405, 404, 403, 402, 394, 382, 171, 134, 552, 395, 413, 396, 386, 385, 383, 374, 369" link="file" columns="4"]

I need to showcase it on the site by the order in which I have it here.

Can you assist?



Answers (3)


Dan | gteh answers:

which plugin are you using?

Rys Fairbrother comments:

The Plug-In is Easy FancyBox


Victor Teixeira answers:

I think you should just reorder your images on the gallery tab and select 'menu order' on the drop down at the gallery configuration.

I'm taking into consideration that the plugin you are using is Multiple Galleries.


idt answers:

Can we take a look at the page where you have this implemented?

idt comments:

Replace your lightbox-gallery.php(located inside lightbox-gallery plugin folder) with the attached. Please don't forget to create a back-up of you original file before replacing it with this one.

I have tested in on my local install and it's working fine with no errors. This one should sort the images the same order as you've specified in your include.