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Need some idea of what it would take 2 build custom search script WordPress


I know this isn't the ideal place to ask for proposals and I apologize if it puts anyone off.

I have a db of names,addresses, gov't issued ID numbers, phone numbers and emails. The thing is not all the 'blanks' are filled in. I have multiple pieces of information for each person but it is random. Some I have names and addresses, some I have name, email and phone number, etc etc.

I need a search engine application the will go out and search the web via xls or xml and get the missing data. Search area is mainly European countries, if that's important.

I'm not looking for a web "site" scraper. I'm looking for a "web" scraper.

Can anyone give me an idea on what it would cost to have something like this built? Or maybe there is a script that can already do it that I just haven't found yet.

Obviously $5 doesn't buy a search engine or script but I hope it can buy me some good advice and idea of what it might cost. I don't want to post a project on any of the 'hire-a-coder' sites yet because I have no idea what a budget for something like this should be.

Thanks again and if this puts anyone off I apologize.


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