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Need little help with some margin/padding Problem WordPress


Hi! I have a little problem with the responsive view of my website.

You have to watch it on an iphone, cause otherwise you dont see the changes (or iphone emulator etc). That's the reason I cant get to inspect my css in chrome etc.

Anyway here is my problem:

Please check

on an iphone.

There is a white border on top which shouldnt be there (should be all black). I think the wrapper has somewhere a padding or so.

The white border is shown on these pages. All other pages are okay.

-aktuelles menu
-online reservierung

Its just on the mobile view. The css is bad. It was my first website...

its made with wordpress headwaythemes.

Answers (2)


Manoj Raj answers:

Add this to your general css file

body.iphone div.wrapper { margin: 0 auto; }

klaus dyba comments:

worked! And if someone got an android? Will it work there as well?


Sachindra Narayan answers:

well, the css isnt that bad after all...
try setting
padding:0; margin:0;

hope that would do fine...

klaus dyba comments:

mmm unfortunatly its not working. Even with !important... grrr...