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Need help about this plugin WordPress


I need a tutorial for using this plugin
Sync post types to taxonomies
- How to sync a post types with a taxonomy

Edit : provide a snippet of code for testing, thanks

Answers (1)


Just Me answers:

What are you trying to do? Did you see the Re-sync and Re-link link in Extra secion?

wilfrid comments:

I saw it, but the dropdown is empty.
And I need to synchronize a custom taxonomy with a custom post type

Just Me comments:

did you link them first?

wilfrid comments:

I created a custom post types and taxonomy TEST1 TEST1
I added a new post in TEST1, but nothing is created in the taxonomy.

Should I create the connection manually every time?

Just Me comments:

Looking at the code I would say yes. You have to create the link manually in wp-admin->Extra->Re-link.

wilfrid comments:

never mind, I'll do otherwise, thank you