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Need frontend post editor via Ajax modal window WordPress


I want uses to be able to edit posts on my site by clicking a link that displays an ajax form within a modal window (using [[LINK href=""]]Zurb's Foundation framework[[/LINK]]).

The form should allow the title, content, category and tags to be edited. If the title and/or content fields are left empty, there should be a message underneath the relevant field prompting the user to enter a value before the form can be submitted.


The link that triggers the modal window should be a function that I could place within my theme.

Also, the form is meant for a custom post type ("community") and custom taxonomies ("community_categories" and "community_tags").

The finished work can be provided as a plugin or raw code I will integrate into my theme's function file.

That's it. Please let me know if you have any questions.


I need to be able to place the edit button within a loop so that it will allow me to choose from one of multiple entries to edit. Also, I don't want a solution that depends on a plugin (unless it could be easily integrated into a theme or a large plugin I'm working on).

Answers (2)


Romel Apuya answers:

there is a simple tutorial [[LINK href=""]]here[[/LINK]]
i cna help with implementing it on your theme


Reigel Gallarde answers:

You could also try this...

download and activate this plugin... [[LINK href=""]]wp user frontend[[/LINK]]

then add this to your functions.php

add_filter( 'the_content', 'add_ajax_edit_button' );
function add_ajax_edit_button($content){
if (get_post_type() == 'community') {
$content .= '<a href="#" data-reveal-id="myModal">Edit</a>
<div id="myModal" class="reveal-modal large" data-reveal>' . do_shortcode('[wpuf_edit ]') . '</div>';
return $content;

You could even have a lot of choices other than just the title, content, category and tags. Just visit the settings page of wp user frontend.

Reigel Gallarde comments:

the above code will only work if your theme is built with Zurb's Foundation framework

Reigel Gallarde comments:

Because you did not reply here, here's a [[LINK href=""]]demo[[/LINK]] using all the defaults but with jquery-ui as modal... it has the same concept as that... to test the demo, you can login using credetials: demo/demo