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Need custom voting plugin WordPress

I need a custom voting plugin that can validate the user and be able to vote counts on an individual basis per voter (one voter can vote once while another voter may be able to vote 3 or four times on the same ballot) Also need to beable to run multiple ballots at once. just ask for more information. Need quote.

Answers (1)


Tom Ransom answers:

If a member can have more than one "vote", do they have the same number of votes for each ballot? Or do they have a set number of votes they can spend over multiple ballots?

How do they earn more votes?
Does a member's vote count reset for each ballot?
What are the member's voting against - a post, a page, a custom post type?

mespiritu comments:

it's per ballot, the admin needs to set the vote count prior to voting. It's for an organization for board elections. Some members pay more in fees yearly so they are alloted to vote more than others that pay less.