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Need custom search page created WordPress


I have a client who has a large number of posts for wedding locations and she wants to have a more functional search function for the site.

New site is and listings are shown on this category page:

She wants to offer the search options from this old page on her site:

The theme is Church child theme for Genesis from Studiopress.

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Jarret Minkler answers:

This plugin will allow you to create a custom search form and search on custom fields like city and features like they had on their previous asp form

Jill Chongva comments:

Hopefully that will fully cover their asp [sorry - had to make that joke:)]


Jill Chongva comments:

Unfortunately that plugin must conflict with another I'm using since when you click search for any of the terms, it boots you back to the home page instead of showing results.

So still need a solution ;(


Jarret Minkler comments: ?

Jarret Minkler comments:

The basics of it is ..

You need to have custom tags enabled (metadata)
Each post will then have to add their metadata into the custom fields.

You then either need to have a plugin which will search these, or create a custom search WP_Query

Jill Chongva comments:

Search Everything broke the theme as well - that's why I'm afraid to do much to it :)

Jarret Minkler comments:

Check the forums for an answer for the first plugin?

$20 is too little to code a custom solution, but also seems to high to recommend a plugin ..

Without seeing what the errors are, or how it effects the other plugins can't really offer anything else.

Jill Chongva comments:

Thanks for the help.

Jarret Minkler comments:

Can pm me if you need more help with specific questions :)


Nile Flores answers:

Might like this tutorial -

This shows how to put in a category filter within your search form.

If you need someone to do this, feel free to contact me. Not sure if I can give my email address, but I know you can go to my profile here at WPQuestions and use the contact form.


Duc.B Consulting answers:

I have done it many years ago.

Search to by weighing rank <strong>post_title :</strong>

that is just a small code in 15 minutes or you could private message to have further detail, thank you, and hope you have fun and enjoy blogging :

global $wpdb;

$websitename= $_GET['site'];
$table_name = "wp3_posts";

// Search and read on the post_title, you could do a same for post_content

$tstlist = $wpdb->get_results("SELECT ID, post_title, post_name
FROM $table_name
WHERE post_content REGEXP '$websitename'
AND post_title LIKE '%$websitename%'
AND `post_status`=\"publish\"");

foreach ($tstlist as $tstlist2) {

echo '<h4 class=\"title\"><a href="'.$tstlist2->post_name.'.html">'.$tstlist2->post_title.'</a></h3>';





Nilesh shiragave answers:


Just clarify following questions.

1] How you are adding city,Dinner Capacity,Reception Capacity,Rooms,Min. Price per person ?
using a custom field?

2]You want exact search similar to the old website?


Jill Chongva comments:

The city and county are in tags, and I have those covered.

The Dinner Capacity, Reception Capacity etc are custom fields.

And yes, she would prefer to have them function exactly as the ones on the old website.