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Need Help Adding Wordpress Sidebar Navigation Menu WordPress



I have a theme that uses the native wordpress admin menu for navigation. Currently it has the sidebar navigation option within the theme. The sidebar navigation menu uses the sub-menu pages from the main menu navigation area (pages). I would like the sidebar navigation menu to have its own pages and area within the native wordpress admin menu area as this theme has for the footer navigation, main navigation and top page navigation. This would be custom code but, I have all the source files to help and should be easy for a wordpress pro.

Answers (3)


Denzel Chia answers:


If I am not wrong, you are using the karma theme.
I had worked on this theme for the theme author before.

It is not going to be as easy as you said, there is some reason why the author chooses not to use the WordPress default menu system. One reason I can think of is the styling issue.

So if you are willing to pay $40 for this work, I can do it for you.



Just Me answers:

Do you want to remove the sidebar menu or change its content?


Deepak Thomas answers:

First, open up your theme's function.php and add the following lines towards the end:
register_nav_menu('my_custom_menu',__('My Custom Menu'));

Next, open up your theme's sidebar.php and find out where it's displaying the current menu (it shouldnt be hard to find)
Now comment it/take it off for the time being and copy this code in its place:
<?php wp_nav_menu (array('menu'=>'my_custom_menu'));?>

Now you shoud be able to add a custom menu in the sidebar area. To edit the menu items, go to admin dashboard > Appearence > Menu and create a new menu, and then associate that new menu with 'My Custom Menu'. That's about it.