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My Site spans to the right on every page (Twenty Ten Theme) WordPress


Yesterday, one of the experts here won my question and created three custom page templates. Let me give you the history.

1. Full Width [named Full Width Tepmlate] ( *** I know its misspelled but its written like that ***)

which does NOT echo the page title and does NOT echo the comments box.

2. Full Width 2 [named Full Width Tepmlate 2]

which ECHOS the page title and does NOT echo the comments box.

3. Image Tepmlate (based on the original template)

which does not echo the page title and does NOT echo the comments box

Well, that's the history of what was done. Also


When you click on any page and any post the page at the bottom has the little blue slider to scroll to the right and when you scroll it keeps going and going.

see this screen grab so you see what I mean -

Now the problem haunts all pages. Click on any and wait for a second and there it shows up. I need this fixed please. I even thought perhaps its a messed up div causing the problem but nonetheless I can't fix it, I hope you can. Its pretty annoying. Also you know how the theme Twenty Ten, has a background option to change the color, its something there but I normally have it as #FFF.

Also I keep in mind I have a blank text widget with no content as well as I don't use the side bar.

SITE URL: ( OOPS I had forgotten to write it, thanks)

Answers (2)


juan manuel incaurgarat answers:

Hi Jorge, please provide the URL so we can tell you which div is causing this =)

juan manuel incaurgarat comments:

go to style.css line 392 and change the width value to 350px e.g.

Jorge Ledesma comments:

Sorry I had lost my connection, I'll do it now.

Jorge Ledesma comments:

It looks like you got it. I'm doing some further test and once I complete them and all is well, I'll approve your victory :) thanks


Espreson Media answers:

Please provide the url to be fixed.