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My RSS Output Has No Paragraphs and Ignored a YouTube Video WordPress

I'm using WordPress 3.4 and the Grid Focus theme.

I wrote a blog post which had paragraphs, subtitles, etc -- and which included a YouTube video (embedded with the Viper's Video Quicktags plugin).

But when I look at my output in Google Reader there's no paragraphs or subtitles -- and the YouTube video did not show up.

Any suggestions?

Thanks so much.

Answers (2)


Michael Caputo answers:

Just a note, i've found that when troubleshooting issues with RSS and Wordpress, it sometimes takes up to 4-5hrs for Google Reader to refresh the new content. You'd be better off reading the raw RSS feed when you're trying solutions.

SteveFuller comments:

Thanks for the tip -- I'm a total newbie -- so can you help me understand how to read the raw RSS feed?

Michael Caputo comments:


Navjot Singh answers:

Can you post the link to your site?

Have sent you a PM. Please check.

SteveFuller comments:

Yes -- thanks for asking --