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My shortcode is not inserting the poll. WordPress


I've tried both the shortcode and the javascript. I've tried making the poll on PollDaddy's site, and I've tried making it on my site using the PollDaddy Plugin. Nothing works.

The PollDaddy code for the one I made on their site is [polldaddy poll="4208737"]

The shortcode for the one I made inside my own WordPress site is [polldaddy poll=4214423]

As you can see from the attached screenshot, I have the PollDaddy plugin installed already.

Answers (2)


juan manuel incaurgarat answers:

can you please provide the snippet given by polldady?
so we can test it and see if the problem is the code or some configuration you have.

please note that in order to user short codes for polldaddy, you need to have this plugin installed


Denzel Chia answers:


Yours is a multi site installation. Not sure if this is the problem.
Try activating polldaddy plugin within your sub blog and not network activate.

I see that your url does not have https.
It could be the SSL log in, uncheck use SSL to log in in your polldaddy option.

If none of my suggestion works, I would not know what is the problem.

Sorry if my suggestion does not work.