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MySQL database giving me hassle! WordPress



Ok I might have totally done something horribly wrong. But I have done it before!

Basically I had a wordpress site on my testing site:

and moved it all over to the new url:

i imported the sql export from the testing site. edited the wp-config file with the new mysql server details.

but now I have a site that just isn't linking up properly!

I hope someone can help me with this.

It's late and I'm tired!

I can give access to anyone who is willing to help to either my ftp, 1and1 account, wordpress login.

Thank you.

Answers (3)


Milan Petrovic answers:

You need to change wp_options table and update to new URL. Find records for meta_key: 'siteurl' and 'home', and change them from old to new URL.

Steven Ellis comments:

yeh i've done that. but really i was trying to find help run a query on my 1and1 mysql database for all the posts that still have the testing url in.