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Modification of Woocommerce 'Product Add-ons' plugin data WordPress



We need to be able to add flat / single charge costs per product. However, the plugins we see don’t allow us to do this on the product page.

We added two custom fields cost_1_name and cost_1_value. These are in the product posts. We would like the name and the value to appear on the product page, and the cost_1_value to be added into the total cost. This should also carry over to the cart /check out.

The cost_1_value is a single charge per line, not a per item charge.

screenshot attached how it should look like.


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Kun MMO answers:

Product Add-ons for Woocommerce support add any addons on admin products page, see attachment file.
Can you tell me details : "The cost_1_value is a single charge per line, not a per item charge.".
I don't understand "per line" mean?
I will help me when i understand your idea.

simonshah comments:

Hello Kun

"Per line" mean there will be only one instance of cost_1_value in product as you can see we are adding multiple options prices based on quantity discounts and other options so cost_1_value should not be increase its a flat / single charge costs.

but as you are showing in attachment with custom input, its display custom price field at front side of the page. that is not my requirement i want to show price before grand total and it should also carry over to the cart /check out.

you can see the scenario at here.

id: developer
pw: #1inUSB1

if you have more question please let me know. i am available any time.


simonshah comments:

Hello Kun

do you have any suggestion to solve this issue.