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Mobile left-bar menu navigation / page scroll to id not working WordPress

Hi again,

I've got an issue with the mobile left bar slide out navigation on my site:

I'm using the 'Page scroll to id' plugin and 'mobius' theme - the links work the way they are supposed to in a regular desktop view but when you try to use it in the left bar / mobile menu nothing happens when you click the main links. I'd like the page to refresh to the main page (like what happens when you click 'contact' which I just created a temporary separate page for) and then move down to the anchor ID. I also added a 'Test link' in it to make sure a regular link to another website works (it does).

Also I need the sliding menu button at the top left (3 lines / hamburger) to activate a little more easily - is there a way to widen the response area of that?


Answers (2)


Glenn Tate answers:

It doesn't work for me on the desktop either using chrome. I checked the console and its throwing a warning.

Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end user's experience. For more help, check


Are you using any plugins to minify the js? If so I'd try it without. It may also be a js/jquery version conflict.

Usual steps are to deactivate all other plugins and test. If it works then reactivate the plugins one by one and test each one until you isolate the bad one.

Change to default theme and test is the next step.


Jayaram Y answers:


Even the Main menu is nor working properly on mac chrome. You can rather mention ID to each section and use that id in the menus so that it scroll to that section.