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Minor theme adjustments - Autofocus+ for WordPress


I have 5 minor adjustments to my Autofocus+ theme.

Have a look at [[LINK href=""]]NordicDesign[[/LINK]] for a general overview of the site.

1) remove date on main page
2) fix image on archive and search result page
3) inset share button below post
4) adjustment for IE browser
5) add label at side of page

Send me an email for more details and access to the development page.


Answers (5)


Rashad Aliyev answers:


I can interested in.


enodekciw answers:

1. Remove <?php the_time(); ?> function from your index.php
2. Whats wrong with them?
3. There are some plugins for this stuff, like Sociable and Bookmark Me. Also hardcoding this function is also possible.
4. ???
5. ???

Imo, you should provide more information, if you want your theme to be fixed ;)


PJ Javisst answers:

Is the Autofocus+ IE-problem not solved when you buy the theme?


David Navarrete answers:

can interested in.

send me email :)


Eddie Moya answers:

1. To remove a date from the main page, the_time() is mostly like being used somewhere on the main page. Take that out or comment that out. Strange thing is I dont see a date on your main page - so if you mean somewhere else please provide a link.

2. "Fix" is too vague. You need to explain what is wrong with the images. As far as I can tell they are showing up just fine, however I certainly can't know how you intended them to appear.

3. I've used the ShareThis API to create custom stuff. Its fairly simple. If you ask for more specifics I should be able to whip something up for you. Not sure what you mean by "inset".

4. You will need to explain what the problem you are seeing is in IE. If you explain it, im sure I or someone else here will quickly come up with a solution.

5. Not sure where in the 'side of page' you mean.. or really what you mean by label. If you mean you want to show the title of the page on the side, you need to explain that.

All in all, you need to provide a whole lot more information before anyone can even begin to try solving any of these issues.