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Mini Affiliate Program - Order Re-Directing WordPress

I have set up a landing page for an affiliate on my ecommerce website.

I have also set up a shopping cart that is unique to each affiliate that tracks all orders, sales and commissions.

If my affiliate attracts someone to my site via his landing page I want to be able to track the customer, so if she browses through my products and programs and decides to make a purchase, I can direct her order to that item on the AFFILIATE'S shopping cart.

Perhaps I need some sort of table where Customer #1 wants to buy product 25, and the order goes to the affiliate's shopping cart.

Are there WordPress plugins that do this?

If not, is this something that could be made into a simple plugin?

If this is difficult, then another solution would be to ID the landing page, and then have a button on the site that just returns the customer to the first page she visited.

Answers (1)


Bob answers:

which plugin you used for your e commerce website ?

donrosenberg comments:

The commerce website is totally independent of my website. So we just need some sort of mapping where anyone who entered MY site from Landing Page A has their orders routed to a specific URL for each product, which is the shopping cart for that item.