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Menu not displaying correctly. WordPress


Can someone help me get this menu here:

to look like the theme menu here:


Answers (2)


Sean Grant answers:

The theme looks well made. They are probably using the default WordPress menu editor to create the menus.

So be sure to go to <strong>Appearance -> Menus</strong> and create a menu.
Call it Main Menu. Then add the pages you want to link to, and Save.
Then be sure to <strong>select the Main Menu you just created in the Theme Locations section (top left) of the Menus Editor screen</strong>.

That should allow for the menu to be created like the Theme preview.

If you need more detailed help let me know.


ohlivia13 comments:

You're awesome!

I had created the menu, but forgotten to select it...



Jatin Soni answers:

Same as Sean Grant,

Menu looks fine only the color is different.

If you are talking about the dropdown menu items than you can set from wordpress menu option.

Go to Wordpress admin Dashboard
Than Appearance > Menus

To make dropdown menu drag little right and it will become child of the above menu item.

E.g. if there are menues called Contact and General respectively than drag little right General menu it will become child of Contact.

If that is not the case please describe in more details.