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Mail hosting? WordPress


I'm currently using a web host called Cloudways and they don't have any mail hosting. But as I'm using two web host. Cloudways and Citynetwork. I have since before, all my email from the site I moved to Cloudways left on Citynetwork. I have tried to use my emails account from Citynetwork but it doesn't work, as the outbound emails get blocked by google. That should be the best solution when I already have another web host with email hosting. But I don't really understand how to solve it.

They suggested at Cloudways to use google apps instead, but seems quite expensive, and also I don't really understand it, my experience with google apps is zero. I only need mails. Also it's very important the Wordpress standard mails are sent out and other plugins emails I use for this site.

Anyone who can help me out on this and solve this problem. This need to solved asap!

Best Regards

Answers (2)


Francisco Javier Carazo Gil answers:

You can use this plugin and a Gmail account for example.

Veritus comments:

yes, I'm using a similar plugin right now for testing..


zebra webdesigns answers:

Hello Felipe,

Can you PM your contact details. I can help you

My skype ID : bhuvan530531
mail: [email protected]

Veritus comments:

I'll contact you right away but not through skype as my skype don't work of some strange freezes..