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Loop through advanced custom fields repeater, grouped by select WordPress


I need to loop through an advanced custom fields repeater, grouping and ordering the results by a select field. It's a staff list, so I have a repeater with a name, title, picture and bio as well as staff group select field with a number of different groups that a person can be assigned to.

For more details visit, where the question of how to do this is answered by the plugin developer (see the June 15 comment), but remains beyond my ability to implement.

<strong>Group 1 (team_group)</strong>

Name 1 (team_name)
Title 1 (team_title)
Image 1 (team_image)
Bio 1 (team_bio)

Name 2
Title 2
Image 2
Bio 2

<strong>Group 2</strong>

Name 3
Title 3
Image 3
Bio 3

Answers (1)


Ross Wilson answers:

So you should be able to do something like this (comments inline with code):

$grouped_members = array();
$members= get_field('staff_members'); //this should be whatever the name of your repeater field is
// Create the array structure with array[group][member]
foreach($members as $member)
$grouped_members[$member['team_group']][] = $member;

//loop through each group created
foreach($grouped_members as $members){
//print out the name of the group - grabbing it from the first member
echo '<h1>'.$members[0]['team_group'].'</h1>';

//then loop through each member in the group
foreach($members as $member){
//output the member details
echo $member['team_name'] . '</br>';
echo $member['team_title'] . '</br>';
echo $member['team_bio'] . '</br>';


Christopher comments:

Wouldn't you know, that worked perfectly (with the one missing semi-colon). Many thanks Ross!